Swedish Adventure Race Series

Enjoy and explore the Swedish nature in four races. Mixed teams of four race during 24 hours and the first team to reach the finish line are the winners.From the season of 2016, we will have a Swedish National ranking system (same as AR World Series). The ranking will be updated after each competition. In 2016, The Beast is the Swedish Championship in Adventure Racing. Sound easy enough? Trust us, it isn’t. West Coast Adventure Race 6-7 of May The Beast 17-18 of June (Swedish Championship) LeGrand Tour 13-15 of July Norway 3-4 of September


Registration for NAR re-opened !

The last few registrations have made the logistics pass another threshold and we are now happy to accept 2 more teams* to join the race. Registration is re-opened until Sunday the 14th of Augsut 23:59. Registration link Team Drøbak Multisport (NOR) islandexplorer.dk...

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Next race up: LeGrand Tour

Big congratulations to SWECO Adventure who won The Beast. Next race up is LeGrand Tour 14-16 of July. Registration:  Accommodation: Included in the entrance fee, before and after the race Date: 14-16 of July 2016 Duration: Winning time 24 hours Teams: 4 persons mixed...

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Adventure Racing

Adventure Racing is an endurance sport where teams race from A to B across land and water. There is usually no rest during the race and the team will have to decide when (and if) they should sleep. A 24 hour race typically means there is no time for sleep, at all. Challenge your body and mind, in nature, against the elements. Women and men race side by side in the teams of four. To reach the finish line first all team members must work for each other. Reaching the finish line feeling strong while a teammate is struggling means you are not helping the team enough. This is a unique sport that inspires many to lead an active life in the outdoors.

Basic Rules

During the series, the teams will collect point based on the ranking in each race. The three best races for each team during the year is the the teams final score. The team with the highest score wins. Simple, right? There are two racing categories. The adventure category is where the points are given and this is the category for the top teams. Both male and female racers must be present in the team and during the season each team can use up to 6 members. The open category is for any formation of teams, mixed, male or female. The team must be at least two and maximum four members at each race. There is no overall standings in the open category. Both categories compete at the same time on the same course. Learn more