Swedish Adventure Racing Series offers physical and mental challenges where all teams race not only against their competitors but against the elements of nature. Experience team work and unexpected challenges in amazing settings around Scandinavia. We are bringing you the icing on the endorphin cake with three races you do not want to miss.

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Nordic Adventure Race

September 2-3

Beast of Sweden

September 29-30

Swedish Adventure Racing Series 2017 consists of three very different adventure races in three fantastic locations. First up is Wermland AR, a three-day stage race where no navigations skills are required. Sleep in a comfortable bed between stages and recover for a new race day.

Next up is Nordic AR, located in Norway. NAR will be the Norwegian and Swedish Championships in adventure racing 2017. It is possible to choose between 24, 12 and 6 hours of race time.

Concluding the race season for both the Swedish AR Series as well as the European AR Series is BEAST of Sweden in southern Sweden. Choose to race for points in the Swedish Series (teams of two) or the European series (teams of four), all classes compete on the same course over 24 – 32 hours.