Welcome to the legend

Le Grand Tour (14-16 of July) is Sweden’s oldest living adventure race, maby in the whole world, we are not sure…  but we are sure we are the oldest in Europe! LeGrand Tour has always bean an important part in bringing up the Swedish elite teams and many ”beginners” have struggled through the endless woods of Värmland!

We give you an adventure race with a nice mix of new and old, strength and skills, ups and downs. But most importantly, we promise to bring you this adventure with a big smile and a big heart.

The 2016 edition will give you an 24 hour experience of wilderness and a true A till B adventure experience. It will be one course, designed for the beast teams in the world, the finish will be open for 34 hours, how far will your team make it to the finish line!

Two classes: Swedish Adventure Racing Series (mixed teams of 4) and Open class (Two perssons)

Welcome to the legend of adventure races!


LGT 2016 – Canceled

Karlstad Multisport is forced to cancel the 2016 edition of LeGrandt Tour due to the limited number of teams. We will be back another year with a new stunning course.

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Next race up: LeGrand Tour

Big congratulations to SWECO Adventure who won The Beast. Next race up is LeGrand Tour 14-16 of July. Registration:  Accommodation: Included in the entrance fee, before and after the race Date: 14-16 of July 2016 Duration: Winning time 24 hours Teams: 4 persons mixed...

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LeGrand Tour 2016

Karlstad Multisport welcomes all to the legendary LeGrand Tour 14 - 16 th of July 2016. We have put up a close to all inclusive true adventure race with Sälen as the meeting and finishing point. In 2016, LeGrand Tour will go back to basic, as in 2015, a straight A to...

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Welcome to the season 2016

Welcome to the season 2016 In the season 2016 we have two big news: - We will introduce a ranking system, similar to AR World Series - The 4th competition will take the Swedish Adventure Racing Series to Norway and Gulbrandsdalen West Coast Adventure Race 6-7 of May...

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Resultat LGT 2015

  Karlstad Multisport would like to thank all participants, staff and audience for a fantastic race 2015. This is the official results and timings. Results_LGT_2015 Race location The 2015 edition will be in the northern part of our lovely Värmland. The race...

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LGT 2015 – Arrival information

Welcome to LGT - 2015 - Arrival information   We are now in Branäs, and we have started to prepare the race on sight. This is some short arrival information. Accommodation Teams arriving on Thursday,  can pick up the keys at apartment 7 in Mickelbyn, 200 meter north...

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Race info 2 – LeGrand Tour 2015

2015-09-18 LeGrand Tour 2015 - Race information - version 2 Race location The 2015 edition will be in the northern part of our lovely Värmland. The race center will be Branäs ski resort at the Klarälven river, 160 km north of Karlstad. The race will be from A to B, as...

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Race information 1 – LeGrand Tour 2015

Race information Karlstad 01 of September 2015 In less than four weeks we know which teams will take the LeGrand Tour titles 2015 and the overall win in the Swedish Adventure Racing Series 2015. The last recce of the full course will be...

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Registration now open for LeGrand Tour

Karlstad Multisport welcomes all to the legendary LeGrand Tour 25-27th of September 2015. We have put up a close to all inclusive true adventure race with Branäs as the meeting and finishing point. To read more and sign up for the race,...

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The course

LeGrand Tour will give you an intense prolouge at Thursday evening (start 18.00) and on early Friday morning all competitors will enter a buss for transportation to the start location. The course will pass >1600 meters above the see, class 3 rapids and  take you through the deep forests and mountains of Norway and Sweden. Vertical rope section, rapids, lakes and mountains will make up the obstacles your team has to pass to complete the course.

But most important, the race is from A to B and a true adventure!



If you haven’t realised this before you will certainly know after this race that Norway has high peaks and Sweden has a lot of forest and marshlands. Endless as it may seem it is also challenging and beautiful. The mountains are steep, ground is soft and the marshes are wet so a pair of strong legs will come in handy.



Paddling will be on big rivers with up to class 3 rapids. It’s mandatory to use helmet, rafting approved multisport life-jacket. In 2016 the organisation will provie canoes/kayaks to all teams. Don’t be surprised if you spot wildlife alongside the rivers. Most of the time the paddling will be very safe without waves or boats around. But you will also experience class 3 rapids to test your skills.



Mountains, gravel roads and single tracks will form the main part of the cycling sections, but throughout the history of this race there has also been some legendary ”bike portage” sections to test the mental strength of the teams.

Race location


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