Karlstad Multisport welcomes all to the legendary LeGrand Tour 14 – 16 th of July 2016. We have put up a close to all inclusive true adventure race with Sälen as the meeting and finishing point.

In 2016, LeGrand Tour will go back to basic, as in 2015, a straight A to B race and only one course. The course is design to be a true adventure course with a winning time of 24 hours. The finish will be open for 36 hours, the teams further back in the field will do the whole course, noting else, the ranking will be decided after the finishing time, than how long the teams have come on the full corse.

To read more and sign up for the race, follow the link!

Race location

The 2016 edition will be in the northern part of our lovely Dalarna and Norway. The race center will be Sälen ski resort .
The race will be from A to B and a true adventure :-)!


Drop point for bikes at WCAR

Drop point for bikes at WCAR

Probably well known for all of you after studying the PM and course info, but now we can give you exact location for the bike drop. The bikes are dropped at TA2, located at Bohus Fästning just south of Kungälv. http://kartor.eniro.se/m/RF0Ta Please park below the...

Race details for WCAR available

Race details for WCAR available

Marstrand is waiting for you! Less than a month left until WCAR starts with a fast and exciting prologue at the island of Marstrand. After the first leg the teams head for the sunshine in the outer archipelago along with the waves, seals and the occasional tourists....

New race area

We are always trying to find new areas for Stockholm Extreme so that the teams will have a chance to experience new parts of the beutiful city. This time we have found some areas that we have good reason to belive no one has ever seen before.