You should leave your bike on thursday between 16 and 18 at Rågårdsdal, on the east side of Åbyfjorden.

The bikes are stored in a locked garage during the night. No access to them are possible until transition at TA4 on the race. Number plates to put in front of the bikes will be avaible at the bike drop.

You can leave bags / boxes and prepare your bikes on thursday, or send your boxes / bags with the race organisation on friday morning.

Map at Eniro:

GPS cordinates

58°24’6.7″N 11°24’55.1″E

58°24.112’N 11°24.918’E

WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)
58.401863, 11.415299

RT90 (nord, öst)
6483793, 1243440

SWEREF99 TM (nord, öst)
6479036, 290552