West Coast Adventure Race

Lysekil and the best of Bohuslän, May 6-7, 2016

Nice canoeing at the first stage last year at WCAR.

Nice canoeing at the first stage last year at WCAR.

Mölndal Outdoor IF invites you to the West Coast Adventure Race (WCAR), May 6-7.

WCAR is an unsupported 24 hour adventure race in the best parts of Bohuslän, start and finish east of Lysekil. The official racing class will consist of mixed teams of 4 persons, but you can also race in open class with teams of 2-4 persons.

The race will offer a variation of challenges from sea kayaking between bare granite rocks to trekking in desolate wilderness where winding tracks and historical grounds must be mastered.

WCAR offers you 24 hours of true Adventure racing spirit in an amazing setting.


WCAR will be based at Hafstens camping this year, http://www.hafsten.se/. The teams will have the opportunity to spend time before and after the race here and this is also where the mandatory race meeting and finish line will be placed.
This is a very busy weekend for the camping, so please do not wait to make a reservation for your accomodation.

WCAR Vision

Our vision is to offer a true Adventure race spirit during 24 crowded hours. The combination of stunning sea kayaking with a free horizontal view and the west coast barren nature, demanding biking in the deep forests and trekking inland during the darkest part of the day will definitely challenge the teams.

WCAR will provide sea kayaks to all teams to simplify and give fair conditions to our competitors.  The canoeing will take place in the open sea and can be both challenging and demanding. It is a prerequisite for the teams to be able to take care of themselves and everyone must be able to get up in the kayak if anyone should fall overboard.

WCAR is unsupported so it is easy for the teams to participate without the need of finding support staff. The maximum race time will be set to 36 hours and there are a number of shortcut opportunities which will enable all teams to finish before nightfall on Saturday. At finish line a light meal is waiting, and you can relax at Hafstens camping.

The main disciplines are kayaking, biking and trekking. There will also be a short leg with inlines, which will be possible to run if preferred. Adventures may also wait where they are least expected, so save some power in your arms!

Classes and teams

There are two classes.

Adventure racing class:
This is the official competition class with mixed teams of 4 athletes. Mixed is defined as at least one female and at least one male team member.

Open class:
2-4 athletes without specific gender requirements. Teams with only men or only women are allowed.

Both classes do exactly the same course. Teams competing in the Adventure racing class and, for example, suffer an injury to one teammate, are offered to switch to the Open class and can thus continue the race without quitting.

Preliminary schedule

Get-together on the afternoon Thursday 5th of May, for check-in and preparation.

Mandatory information meeting and dinner on Thursday night.

Hand-in of bags and boxes with competition gear on Friday morning.

Start, Friday at 08:00.

First team is estimated to finish on Saturday at 8:00.

Final team is estimated to finish on Saturday at 20:00.

Check-out on Sunday morning (it is mandatory to sleep after more than 24 hours of competition).


Dinner Thursday evening is included in the registration fee. Information meeting follows the dinner, and is mandatory for all participants. For accommodation we  recommend a cabin for the team at www.hafsten.se. Please do not wait with reservation since this is a popular weekend.


The registration is legally binding and teams will be responsible to pay when the registration has been completed. Payments should be made in conjunction with registration, or after maximum 10 days if invoice is requested. The agreement is binding on behalf of the organizer when correct payment has been received on time.

We recommend all participants to sign up for Folksam’s Startklar insurance. It covers serious injuries during non-professional competitions in Sweden and will refund the registration fee if a medical certificate can be provided. The cost of the insurance is 125 kr for a complete year, and it is valid for all competitions you sign-up for, not only the West Coast Adventure Race. For more information, look at www.startklar.nu. Please note, the insurance is individual and it is only valid for the team member who has been injured, not the whole team.


Be part of WCAR by enter your registration today here: Registration.

The registration fee is specified per team. It includes the cost for the sea kayaks provided during the race and the dinner on Thursday night. You book other meals and your own accommodation yourself, directly with each facility.

For guidance and links, look under the heading “Accommodation”. The number of participants of the race is limited to 100 people. This implies about 25-30 teams, depending on their composition. More race entries may be released later. The price depends on when you submit your final registration of the team (including changes to any earlier registration).

Racing class until April 1st until April 20
Adventure racing class 4 persons 8 000 SEK 10 000 SEK
Open class 4 persons 8 000 SEK 10 000
                     3 persons 6 500 SEK 8 000 SEK
                     2 persons 4 500 SEK 5 500 SEK


The registration fee should be paid by credit card when registering on the website. All common Swedish bank and credit cards can be used. We cooperate with www.certitrade.se which offers secure payment solutions. You get specific instructions when you go to the registration page. Businesses, clubs or associations who would like to receive an invoice with a 10-day payment period (including VAT specification) should specify this during the registration. The invoice fee is 50 SEK.

Please note that the registration is legally binding and teams will responsible to pay when the registration has been completed regardless of the selected payment method. The agreement is binding on behalf of the organizer when correct payment has been received on time.

After registration, you may login to the website and edit your own information. Login credentials will be sent by e-mail when you register. Should you forget them, please ask for new ones here: Request login.

For international payments, use the following information:
IBAN: SE80 9020 0000 0902 3485 9492

Organizer and information

The race is arranged by Mölndal Outdoor IF in cooperation with Can Do It AB.

Questions can be sent to info@wcar.se or otherwise to race director Martin Rådbo on +46-31-54 54 80.

We look forward to seeing you in the beauty of Bohuslän.

//  Mölndal Outdoor IF!